Make sure you assume the rules

There are many people who have an opinion about medical marijuana without entirely understanding the rules. For instance, you can’t just get a medical marijuana card from any old nurse, walk into a dispensary, and buy whatever you please. There are a lot more rules to it than that. When you want to get a medical marijuana card, you have to see a nurse that has the certain certifications and qualifications to advocate a medical marijuana ID card, after that, there is still more to the process… You have to pay and apply for the medical marijuana ID card and wait for approval from the state, and once you finally acquire your card, you still have to follow state rules on what you can buy. Different states have unusual laws for medical marijuana, but some states restrict THC products so that you cannot buy products that can get you high. The products you can buy are strictly used for treating symptoms care about nausea and chronic pain. States also have rules as to the quantity of products you can buy. You can’t just buy as much as you want. You need to follow these policies and keep a record of what you buy, before you make comments about medical marijuana policies, make sure you assume what is really mandated in your state.

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