Learning how to grow and cultivate cannabis

My Uncle Tim is not actually a blood relative, but was my father’s childhood friend who stuck around and became a part of the family.

My dad has known Tim for longer than he has known his own wife or kids.

My middle name is Tim because of this friendship. When I was little I knew that Uncle Tim always smelled funny, and never liked to wear shoes. As I got older I realized that Tim used to be a hippie, and never fully outgrew it. After I graduated high school I went over to Tim’s house and asked him to help me learn how to grow cannabis plants. That “funny smell” I associated with Uncle Tim was cannabis smoke, something it took me years to understand. He was overjoyed to offer his assistance, and even provided the cannabis seeds I needed to get started. From that point on I hung out with Uncle Tim every weekend, as he schooled me about the finer points of cannabis cultivation. He said to start with ten marijuana plants, because my first attempt would see most of them die. I thought that with his wisdom I could be immediately successful, but Tim said that learning cannabis was a long process, and that he could only help me so much. Tim had the knowledge to impart, but his biggest lesson was that I had to get my hands dirty and get a feel for the cannabis plants I was growing. Growing cannabis is a lot more work than I expected, so I hope it’s worth all the effort.

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