Had to stay local due to the virus

I got married right in the height of COVID, it entirely smells because my husband & I had planned to do an international honeymoon… My friend and I wanted to go to Norway & see the fjords, waterfalls, & do the silly long hikes.

Instead my associate and I had to stay within the US since everywhere else was closed.

It was taxing to find a fantastic location to have our honeymoon. I wanted fantastic weather, things to do, & fantastic things to see! However, I didn’t want to have a bunch of COVID restrictions, but I wanted access to recreational cannabis, but typically the states that allow recreational marijuana were stricter with what they allowed COVID wise. I wasn’t willing to budge on the recreational weed. If my associate and I couldn’t do anything overseas, I wanted to at least try weed, then our state is medical cannabis only & is absolutely strict in the directions. It was entirely fun going to a current location & being allowed to try out all the unusual types of cannabis. I tried all kinds of edibles like THC infused gummies, candies, & chocolates. My husband vaped a bunch of particular strains like Purple Haze & Blue Dream. It was a entirely fun time. My friend and I made due with our location. My husband & I did some hiking, swimming, & shopped in the city. It wasn’t the best trip my associate and I had ever been on, however it was cheap & what my associate and I were allowed to do at the time. I will always remember that my associate and I had to honeymoon anywhere unusual due to COVID.

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