Cannabis helps with my hockey game

No 1 at the hockey course will disclose to smoking cannabis, but almost almost everyone does it. Not the Old Timers, of course, those guys stick exclusively to liquor plus rarely smoke any shrubbery. In this locale I am considered 1 of the younger people, but I am in my mid 40s. I know that in the world of hockey that is pretty young! I will have a drink or more than one in the middle of a game occasionally, but in general I don’t like to get drunk when I hockey. Booze makes myself and others dull-witted, plus I don’t strike the ball as cleanly, then on the other hand, cannabis helps to steady my nerves plus clear my mind, so that I can play the best hockey I am capable of. Because there are so various stodgy Old Timers on the hockey course, I cannot openly smoke cannabis there. I bring a joint with myself and others to smoke in the car, but usually stick to cannabis oil in my vape rig during match play. Personally I don’t suppose that vaping cannabis oil hits as strenuous as smoking buds, but it’s a lot easier to get away with, vaping cannabis does not have the distinct odor, which is a dead giveaway to anyone on the course. I also don’t get the same red-rimmed eyep I get when smoking official cannabis. One day I will be considered to be 1 of the Old Timers, plus by after that I suppose cannabis will be completely accepted at the hockey course… Until after that I will just keep using my vape rig.


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