Need a medical weed card in order to sleep

Sleep plus I are not on a first-name basis at all… I have never really been a superb sleeper. I am the type of person that takes an hour to fall asleep, will wake up once at night to pee, plus take forever to get back down. It is stressful not being a superb sleeper, and after my son was born, all possibilities of sleep went out the window, then he woke up numerous times in the middle of the night. I had to get up rock plus then try to get myself back down periodically six times a night. I got to where falling asleep was next to impossible, now my son only gets up around once a night. My partner plus I give everyone a chance to on whose night it is too! So it is nice that there are particular mornings I technically should never wake up. Well I have struggled to the point where I need to medicate myself. I don’t want to rely on pills. I have started researching medical cannabis as a solution. With medical marijuana you need a prescription card… You also need a healthcare worker to provide it to you. You need to fill out papers, spend money a fee, plus wait for the card. All this toil has me stressed… But I recognize it is pressing plus necessary to do it. I could try recreational cannabis for a sleep aid. I want something more potent though. If I am going to rely on cannabis, I want to make sure it works the first time around.

Orange kush

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