Understanding medical marijuana benefits

I really disagreed with my son when he chose to figure out just how to get a medical marijuana card.

Our state legalized medical cannabis some time ago and I never thought much about it until my son sought to navigate the medical marijuana regulations.

He’s 23 years old and an adult. But of course, as his mom, I’m always going to consider him my child. I was raised to fear and avoid all forms of cannabis. Even in college when recreational marijuana was basically everywhere, I chose not to partake. I knew that my son had experimented with recreational marijuana when he was in college. And he was honest about the fact that his was the only time in his life where he wasn’t struggling to manage his anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, this kid has dealt with that struggle since middle school really. He’s been on a myriad of medications but he claimed that cannabis products were the only thing that really worked. I have to say that since he’s been treating with medical cannabis, the change is remarkable. He’s missing work far fewer days and is actually actively pursuing passions that he had long since abandoned. Mostly, he uses the cannabis flower products. And as he lives in our basement for now, that’s not to bad. But whenever he’s up here, he uses one of the vape products that don’t have a smell. I’ve seen so much of the medical marijuana benefits as it pertains to my son, I’m thinking about giving it a try. I know where my son gets his propensity for anxiety and depression. I’ve been ignoring all the signs with me for far too long. With my son’s help, I too am getting through the cannabis rules so I can access a cannabis dispensary.

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