Are cannabis products worth it when dealing with pain?

I often volunteered at a shelter where many old folks came in for assistance. There is a particular old woman that was regular. She seemed to struggle with hip pain, and you could see it in how she walked. I did not see her for a few weeks and even got concerned that something terrible might have happened to her. Just when I was wondering whether to go out and look for her, she came in one evening looking all stronger and younger than I remember her. When I asked her what happened in the few weeks she was away; she told me how fortunate she had been to get help with her painful hip. Apparently, a good samaritan noticed how she walked with a limp and occasionally clutched at her hip because of pain. He brought her to a rented space and helped treat the pain before he left for his country. He gave her some oil in her tea every evening and applied a topical product on the affected hip. She would then sleep till the next day. It was only a day before the man left that she discovered he was using CBD Oil. He gave it to her and also gave her some cash & introduced her to a CBD Store where she would pick the CBD products she needed from the cannabis dispensary attendant. The man would monitor her progress even when away. The woman was in her middle ages, but the pain in her hip made her look older because she could hardly sleep. She lost her previous job because of it. The local CBD tinctures she got from the shop would be her new chance at life since she hoped to look for a job as soon as she could.


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