I could not manage to locate the condo address

Last weekend it was particularly cold, wet, plus raining.

I entirely do not care about the rain much at all. The frigid air plus water makes me feel especially cold. Even when it’s summertime plus it’s raining, I care about using that gas heating device at home. My lady thinks it’s deranged when she has the air conditioning device running plus I still use the space heater, but I believe that is just part of living in this tropical environment. Things have been more improved around here since marijuana was legalized. There’s a lot more currency for repairs on infrastructure plus roads. They just updated the bridge that has been in brutal shape for at least 10 years. Every time I had to make my way across the bridge, I was worried that I was going to fall into the ravine. I have to cross the bridge fairly often, because I work as a delivery driver for a marijuana dispensary. The marijuana dispensary is open 7 afternoons a week rain or shine. My associate and I do not even close on Christmas Day, New Year’s or any other federal holidays. The modern bridge makes it safer to cross the ravine, but it doesn’t help me find addresses more suddenly. Just this past weekend, I could not find a condo address plus I was up in the hills. I dislike going up to the hills to make a delivery to be honest. They all tip relatively well, but the roads are so horrible. I had one bar of phone signal plus then I didn’t have any at all. I was driving all up plus down the mountain in an attempt to find the delivery address plus it was raining plus muddy everywhere.

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