The ultimate destination for cannabis

Why should a cannabis dispensary restrict itself to just selling jars of weed? That’s a great start, and for most people it’s enough – but not for me.

  • I am a completist, and when I do something I want it to be the best.

I opened my little shop six months ago with the goal of becoming a franchise, and the most popular weed destination in town. There are a lot of other dispensaries in the city, so I have fierce competition. I succeed by going the extra mile and doing things the other stores won’t do. Taking growing equipment as an example. For all those other cannabis shops around here, none of them had growing equipment in stock to sell, it had to be special order only. I filled that niche and became the top seller for marijuana grow lights and insta-grow pots in the area. I decided to take it a step further and offer gardening classes on the weekend, to teach people the best practices for growing cannabis plants at home. I need to keep growing and expanding, so my next idea is a cannabis smoker’s lounge, although that one will take a few more months to put together. Imagine having a cool lounge where you can hang out, listen to music, play games, and enjoy cannabis products? In the future I will be the ultimate destination for cannabis, and have something for potheads of all types. What ideas would you like to see instituted in my cannabis shop? Hit me up in the comments and let me know!

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