My boyfriend started to work at a medical cannabis store

My boyfriend Josh started laboring at a medical cannabis store close to our dwelling a couple of months ago.

It was back in December when he started, so I guess it’s been closer to three or four months! Josh has always had a real interest in medical cannabis and medical cannabis education for some reason.

I guess it’s entirely because he has been dealing with some sort of chronic pain or another for years now. His mom also has dealt with chronic pain throughout his life so I guess he has always been on the lookout for ways to get rid of it. Josh and I have been dating for almost three years now, and even when my pal and I first started dating all that time ago, osh was already certainly interested in learning about everything that medical cannabis could do for him or for anyone else out there with chronic pain complications. Josh told me back then that he wanted to regulate his pain complications with nothing more than medical cannabis. That totally made sense to me because I also dislike taking prescription drugs. Josh started laboring at a medical cannabis store simply because he wanted to learn more about the unusual kinds of cannabis products that are available, but now he really likes the task. I recognize that he might truly keep laboring there and get his medical cannabis certifications. He told me that he really wants to help them with their medical cannabis education programs at the dispensary. I recognize that he will entirely end up turning his part time task into a full time job at some point.


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