Spending the birthday cash on great quality cannabis

Although my cousin Kate is 30 years old, she still gets cash from Granny every year for her birthday.

Granny has held this tradition for years, regardless of the state of the economy and has been sending a good amount from when Kate was six years old. All Kate does is to send her a thank you card, which is not very expensive anyway. This year though, Kate took the cash from grandma and purchased a scratch-off lottery ticket at the gas station. She was lucky and chased out 10 times more.Her first stop was the cannabis dispensary where she intended to spend all of it. This was still Granny’s birthday cash so she would spend every last penny of it on the best possible present – cannabis, edibles, and maybe a new vape cartridge. Her luck kept on coming, as she found that the cannabis dispensary was having a one-day-only flash sale for their premium strains. These turned out to be the oldest cannabis strains, cultivated over generations for the best taste and highest potency. They were all on sale at 50% off, meaning that she sunk all her cash into Purple Haze & Orange Kush. These were her two favorite cannabis strains, but she could barely afford them. Now she could afford both! Granny had given her the best birthday present of all time, and now she could have fun with combo-bowls of Orange Kush & Purple Haze! Will the Purple and the Orange mix well? Indeed this was a birthday like no other and Kate kept talking about it for months.


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