CBD oil is great for pain relief

I used to play soccer when I was younger, but I sadly no longer possess the body capable of doing it.

I get too winded quickly and can’t keep up with the younger and faster players.

There is also another reason for why I gave up my love of playing soccer—my back injury. I was working in a kitchen about six years ago and someone had dropped grease on the floor an hour prior and failed to put up a sign or attempt to clean it. You can only guess what happened when I slipped, but it ended up in me having to slowly learn to walk again amid constant excruciating pain during my recovery. The workers’ compensation kept me alive while I couldn’t work on my feet, and I learned how to do data entry work remotely on my computer so I wouldn’t starve. I owe it to the people at the outpatient rehab facility for getting me walking again and back on my feet. However, it’s hard to imagine ever playing soccer again or getting on a pair of rollerblades. Some days the residual pain from my injuries returns and I’m forced to get out my bottle of CBD oil. The potent CBD oil works wonders for the pains I get in my upper and lower back. And since I can get my CBD oil from local cannabis dispensaries, I can get it cheaper and also get batches with more than 0.3% THC in them. You can buy products with half CBD and half THC inside for a synergistic effect between the two cannabinoids. Without CBD, I would be miserable from the physical pain I get throughout the month.



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