The rewards program at the cannabis dispensary

My local cannabis shop has started a new program they call Loyalty Rewards.

  • At first I was hesitant about this idea, mostly because it costs 25 dollars per month to be a member.

I thought it was just a scam, a way to take more of my money, so I passed. It took a while, but after hearing that pitch for Loyalty Rewards every time I went in the shop, I came to realize that the program wou;dn’t cost me money, it would save me money! I am not some random dude who likes smoking a little marijuana every once in a while. I am a serious pothead, who smokes a great deal of cannabis every day. If I only went into the cannabis dispensary once a month, the Loyalty program wouldn’t be worth it. But I visit this cannabis shop once or twice a week, and since the loyalty program provides a 10% discount on weed, it would save me a lot of money. There were other benefits to the program, as well. Loyalty Rewards members are notified of every new shipment of cannabis products, with an option to pre-order them. I also get a service called “preferred pick-up” which means I can sit in my car and a budtender will bring my cannabis products out to me so I don’t have to wait in line. I have been told that in the future they will start offering home delivery service for cannabis orders, and that I will get free delivery. That sounds neat, but I sort of like visiting the cannabis dispensary in person.


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