I obtained a few CBD rich products

The kind of CBD that you find in the grocery store or the pharmacy is not the same as CBD that you find at the medical or recreational marijuana dispensary.

Ed told me that she was using a CBD product that she obtained online plus it was only 19 dollars for a large container.

Ed was feeling uneasy because the online advertisement recommended she would be pain-free after using the product plus Ed did not feel much of anything at all. The CBD tincture was also disgusting plus tasted like dirty water. I told Ed that she should buy some type of CBD product from the marijuana dispensary, because it is made from the cannabis sativa plant instead of hemp. CBD products which are derived from hemp do not have the same effects as CBD products that come directly from the cannabis sativa plant. I looked around for a product at the dispensary next time I was there. The lady behind the counter wanted me to buy a few odd products, although I was only looking for one particular type of thing for Ed. I just wanted Ed to try something that was rich in CBD that came from a cannabis sativa plant. I honestly thought that she would feel much better, however Ed did not seem to feel much of a difference. Ed also claimed that the product derived from marijuana made her feel sick plus high. There was barely 1% of THC in the whole bottle, so there has no way Ed was as high as she tried to explain.
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