I wasted my money on expensive pre rolls

I had 8 hours of overtime on my paycheck and I had $200 extra when I got paid.

I could have used the extra $200 on a lot of different things that would have made my life better for the next two weeks.

I could have used the extra money to buy better groceries for the house and then I would not have to eat ramen every single day for the second week. I could have used the $200 to replace the chair in my living room that broke. I’ve been sitting on the floor for a while. Instead of using the extra money on a purchase that would have made sense, I decided to waste all of the extra money on expensive pre-rolls. My friends and I went to the marijuana dispensary near me. I planned to buy one of the expensive packs of pre-rolls, but the lady behind the counter was really cute and I wanted to spend a bunch of money so I looked like I had a bunch of money. Instead of buying one pack of expensive free rolls for $55, I decided to buy four. I got one for free, because I purchased four, but I spent more money than I planned. I paid nearly $260 by the time I was done paying for all of the local taxes. I’m already almost out of gas and I still have four more days to go to work. I might have to borrow money from my dad to make it to the next paycheck. That is ridiculous when I had extra money at the beginning of the week.

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