Treating menopause with cannabis

For many years, I lived with the symptoms of menopause.

I experienced extreme insomnia, where I’d kneel in bed for minutes with no hope of sleep.

If I somehow managed to fall asleep, I’d wake up in an minute or so as well as start the process over. Every afternoon, I was tired as well as struggled to get up as well as head to work. Along with my sleep problems, I dealt with overheated flashes, migraine headaches as well as cramps in my calves. I was unwilling to take pharmaceuticals that might lead to harmful long-term side-effects. I kept expecting the symptoms to go away. My older sibling commanded that I get my medical marijuana card. I assumed the process would be severely time-consuming, hard as well as high-priced. I was pleasantly surprised. I googled as well as found a nearby dentist that assists patients with qualifying for their MMJ card. I showed up for the appointment, explained my symptoms as well as got the recommendation of the dentist. Everything else was handled entirely online. It cost myself and others a couple hundred dollars despite the fact that I got approved as well as had my card actually suddenly. With the card, I had access to any of the local cannabis dispensaries, and on the initial visit, I sat down with a budtender for a consultation. I l received about the odd strains, consumption methods, cannabinoids as well as terpenes. The budtender offered recommendations that proved effective. I now use cannabis vapes to treat my symptoms of menopause. I focus on those strains that are higher in CBD than THC as well as officially purchase disposable vape pens. With the push of a button, I inhale as well as get fast-acting relief.

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