I wanted to go to a different marijuana dispensary.

I wasn’t happy with the marijuana dispensary I had been going to.

Half the time they didn’t have the marijuana products I was looking for.

Their sales were lame, and seldom included anything that I would use. I like to stick to the flower, and never used butter, sugar, or anything else that was overly strong. I wanted to go to a different marijuana dispensary, but I wasn’t sure I could. I had already registered with this one, and I didn’t want to break any laws. I called another dispensary that was a bit further away, and asked if I could legally come to their dispensary. He told me that if I was registered in the state, I could go to any or all marijuana dispensaries. I thanked him for the information and hung up. Five minutes later, I was perusing all the marijuana dispensaries within a twenty mile radius. I was going on a road trip. Every marijuana dispensary that had the one specific marijuana product I liked, I was marking down. If the product was on sale, I put a big star next to the marijuana dispensary name. I wanted to have all my information before I did my rounds. I then called my best friend and asked if he wanted to go on a road trip with me, and told me what I was doing. He said he needed to go to the bank, but he was up to a few hours on the road. I was on a mission to visit all the marijuana dispensaries that had my favorite marijuana products, and buy it if it was on sale.

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