Getting high in the rain

I live in the southern end of the country, and the summers down here are weird and intense.

The heat and humidity is high all year, but spikes during the summer months.

This requires a lot of air conditioning, and most of the season is spent hiding in my house. The craziest part about summer weather is the fact that almost every day we get a rainstorm. In the middle to late afternoon the sunny skies darken, and I get slammed with an intense thunderstorm. After 30 minutes or an hour, it dries up and the sun comes back out. My favorite time to smoke cannabis is during these afternoon showers. When I see the skies start getting dark I pack up a fat bowl of Purple Haze or Orange Kush and sit on my front porch. For as long as it rains I sit there, just watching the water and enjoying my cannabis. Once or twice I have actually fallen asleep to the sound of the rain, with the cannabis still in my hand. Just to be clear, this isn’t the only time of day that I smoke cannabis, it’s just my favorite. I usually have a couple of cannabis edibles for breakfast, or put a splash of CBD oil in my cup of coffee. I stay high all day, every day, and visit my local cannabis dispensary at least once a week. Still, it’s the little things that make life fun, and for me smoking marijuana in the rainstorm is one of those little things. When is your fave time to get high?


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