I often get the munchies when I smoke cannabis

A few of the side effects of marijuana include an increased heart rate, headaches, dry mouth, and increased appetite.

I consistently get the munchies when I smoke marijuana, however my appetite is completely increased when I smoke marijuana and I feel as though I eat even more if I have a couple of edibles.

My friends and I were hanging out at my beach household on Saturday night. I made some pasta for dinner and all the people seemed to appreciate it. There was no pasta or salad left at the end of the night. My friends ate all of the brownies that I made as well. They were somewhat disappointed that I did not put cannabis butter in the brownies, but I realized that my friend and I were going to smoke a lot and I did not want to overdo it. I easily get the munchies every single time when I smoke marijuana. My friends and I smoked a pretty good amount that night! After my friend and I ate dinner, my friend and I opted to go through a quarter ounce of marijuana while my friend and I played video games and listened to some classic music. Around 11:00, my friend Tommy said he was very hungry. My pal and I ate all the pasta, so there wasn’t anything left to eat to be honest… One guy said my friend and I should get pizza and I thought that was a pretty smart idea. My pal and I ordered a couple of pies from a place near me. The pizza delivery shop brought us numerous pepperoni and ham pizzas as well as an order of wings and a 2 liter bottle of soda! Delivery was pretty swift too, so my friends and I made sure to tip the guy well.

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