A late night at the cannabis shop

I work at the only independent cannabis shop in town. I am not speaking ill of the other budtenders in town, but I will say that every other shop is corporate, or owned by a franchisee, and this shop is 100% locally owned and operated. We also carry locally grown products, as well. My boss is what they call a “Good Ole Boy” named Hank, who wears cowboy boots and a wide-brimmed hat every day of the week. I like Hank, and I respect him for trying to keep this dispensary authentic for our customers. A few weeks ago I got a call in the middle of the night. It was almost 4 o’clock and I was dead asleep. Hank calls and asks me to go to the cannabis shop and open it up for one special customer. I didn’t complain, just went to the shop ASAP because I was curious why Hank wanted to open the cannabis shop at this hour, and just for one person. When I arrive, I see the longest stretch limo I’ve ever seen parked in front of the cannabis dispensary. The man waiting for me was wearing a suit that cost more money than I make in a whole year. Despite his wealth, this man was humble, genteel, and polite, so I was happy to escort him around the cannabis shop and display our many fine products. We spent about an hour in the shop, and when it was time for checkout the man had over three thousand dollars worth of cannabis products. Of course, he paid in cash.


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