Getting my coworker to work on the same project as me

I have been quite impressed with one of my coworkers.

Kim seems to be undoubtedly smart and crafty.

I have been trying to get Kim on a project with me and I finally succeeded a couple of afternoons back. My bosses assigned me a task laboring on a digital marketing campaign for a medical and recreational marijuana dealer. They needed a full digital marketing campaign including setting up a website, engaging PPC advertising, search engine optimization, and keyword enhancement. It was the most perfect opportunity for me to get some time with my coworker Kim. I asked my boss if I could request the team that I wanted to join me on the medical and recreational marijuana business marketing campaign. My boss said that was an absolutely fantastic idea, and she asked for the names of the three people that I wanted for the task. When I said the name of the female coworker Kim, my boss gave me a sly grin. He must have known that I had a crush on her. He told me to remember that there was a strict deadline and I have to labor quickly if I want to impress the clients. After I got Kim the task laboring on the internet marketing project with me, I had a reason to ask Kim out to breakfast. My associate and I had a couple of breakfasts together while Kim and I were laboring on the internet marketing project. Kim had a lot of information about medical and recreational marijuana and it came in handy when my pal and I were creating some of the dialogue for the homepage of the advertising site.

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