The marijuana dispensary would not take my debit card.

The first time I went to a marijuana dispensary, I had a immense order sitting in front of me.

I thought I could pull out my debit card plus pay for everything that way.

I had another thought coming about this one. The marijuana dispensary refused to take my debit card. They told me I could use my debit card or money. I didn’t carry money with me, plus I didn’t know if I had enough money in my bank account. They pointed to an ATM equipment plus told me I could take out money, or I could check my bank balance. I was ashamed to tell them I wanted to use the debit card for my marijuana purchase. I didn’t want them to know I could not afford to pay for the items I had chosen. I’m sure they would feel I was a loser if I was buying marijuana products, plus not able to afford it. I had a debit card that was in excellent standing, however I also knew some, if not all debit cards would allow for illegal purchases, guns, or marijuana products. I’m sure this is what they were thinking too. I started going through the marijuana products to see what I needed plus what I just wanted to try. I realized that almost everything I had on the counter were items I just wanted to try, however weren’t needed. I was acting like a child in the candy store. I paid for the one product I had come for, plus walked out with a few bucks left in my pocket.



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