Can’t rely on cannabis while pregnant

During my whole pregnancy I was desperate to smoke my cannabis flower.

It is not because I am just a huge pothead and wanted to be high.

I actually wanted to smoke my cannabis for medical reasons. There is a whole laundry list of amazing things medical cannabis can do for you. I rely on a topic after I work out. The topical soothes my muscles and helps speed up recovery time. I smoke cannabis in order to manage my anxiety at work. Finally I rely on a tincture, which is an oil I put in my tea at night, in order to sleep well. When I was pregnant I was informed that I wasn’t allowed to use any of my cannabis items. They weren’t sure the effects cannabis would have on my baby. So I wasn’t allowed to use any of my cannabis items. It stunk because that meant I got to experience sore muscles, anxiety and sleep terribly all on top of pregnancy symptoms. Did you know that cannabis can relieve most issues that develop in pregnancy? I had acid reflux really bad. Cannabis can help out symptoms of GERD. I also experienced swollen feet, nausea and dizziness. Those are all things medical marijuana has been linked with assisting. It stunk knowing that there was a fix right by me. I had the products that would make me better. Since no research has been done on pregnancy and medical weed, I wasn’t allowed to risk it. It was pretty rough during my pregnancy. I am glad that I can use my products again.

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