The delivery driver slipped us some extra weed

My friend Arn and I were visiting a couple of people that my pal and I haven’t seen in a while and Arn and I were in a weird place.

I was feeling a little bit anxious, because there were new people that I had never met.

It was my suggestion to go to a cannabis shop nearby. Cannabis always makes me feel a little more sociable and a lot less anxious. There were a couple of cannabis shops nearby and one of them advertised free delivery. Instead of going to the shop nearby, Arn and I decided to order for delivery. The online website was legitimately easy to use and everything was arranged on the left hand side of the page so I could absolutely find every one of the categories. I chose a couple of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes and I also obtained a fourth of sativa marijuana. The total for the order was around $60 and I didn’t suppose that that contractor was going to supply such a small amount. Fortunately, there was no minimum delivery amount since Arn and I were so close to the shop. The delivery driver arrived about 30 minutes after I submitted the order! He also brought my friends and I extras. We got a couple of 5 mg hard candies and Arn and I got two extra pre-rolls as well. Since it was our first time ordering for delivery, the marijuana driver hooked us up with free swag. Arn and I made sure to tip the driver handsomely, especially once Arn and I realized there was a lot of extra free stuff in the bottom of the bag.

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