I found out about the sale ahead of time

The marijuana dispensary near me doesn’t usually advertise all of their sales and specials.

They put a piece of paper up inside of the store in the morning and the first people to get a chance at the sale or the early birds.

I know they say that the early bird gets the worm, but the early bird also gets all of the good marijuana sales. Last Thursday, I found out about the sale ahead of time. One of my friends was getting bud the night before and the next day specials happened to be on the counter. My buddy took a picture of the clearance sale list. Since I knew about the sail ahead of time, I had the chance to prepare and go there early so I could take advantage of the savings. There were only about a dozen of the clearance items when I arrived and everyone in line wanted to get their hands on one of the products. I ended up with a $40 jar of cannabis concentrate that was only $15 thanks to the sale. I bought two packages of edibles that were only $8 and an eighth of marijuana that was half price. I felt pretty good about all of the deals that I received that day and I made sure to call my friend to say thank you. He came over as soon as I got back to my apartment so he could see all of the items that I purchased from the dispensary near me. We ended up smoking a pre-rolled marijuana joint while we hung out and then we ordered a pizza and a movie on pay-per-view.
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