Cannabis is undoubtedly effective for depression if you get the right kind

I realize now that I’ve been struggling with depression ever since I was a little kid.

It was hard to express my emotions back then because my parents were unquestionably bottled up themselves.

I did not have older people teaching me how to cope with and express the inner turmoil inside of me. On top of that, when I told them about my concerns as they occurred, my parents scoffed and told me everything was normal. I undoubtedly guess that my life could have been better if I’d gotten counseling at a young age. Because I did not undoubtedly seek out therapy until I got out of the home and went to college. And by then, a lot of the detriment was already done. The campus mental health professionals put me on several weird antidepressants, however most of them just made my symptoms worse. It was right around this time that I first tried cannabis with a few of my close friends. I remember instantly noticing how much of a positive effect it had on the depression I had been feeling earlier that afternoon. All of my worries and concerns just seem to melt away after taking a few hits off the joint. Now I’ve been using cannabis for depression ever since I was trying it for the first time in college with my friends. However, there’s some cannabis strains that will make depression worse so you have to be careful… For me, sativa’s seem to be the best when it comes to giving me euphoria and making me feel better. I just cannot use sativa strains at night because they are so stimulating that they will often cause anxiety when I just want to go to bed.

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