Rules to cannabis dispensaries

It is funny that people who don’t have access to recreational weed don’t understand the rules to it.

Anytime a buddy of mine visits me, they want to go to the recreational cannabis dispensary near me.

There are consistently things that come up that I am shocked people don’t realize, first, people consistently want to ride bikes to the dispensary. Why yes, the bike ride would be actually pleasant. The weather is consistently great as well as putting the small product in a bike basket would be great. However, that would be illegal. You actually are supposed to put your cannabis products in a locked trunk when you buy them. If the budtenders see you riding a bike, you can’t buy it. It is as simple as that. Second, there are no free samples, then people consistently feel that a dispensary is like a deli or a expensive chocolate store. You can’t ask to try an edible or a hit of flower. It doesn’t toil that way. It is like a grocery store. You can’t open a package of oreos to try one. Buy it or don’t. That is the answer. Third, there is a limit on how much you can buy. You can’t scrub the store out of edibles just because you want to get super high. They track you through your license too. You get a strenuous stop at a certain amount of cannabis. A lot of my buddies are shocked that it isn’t like buying clothing at the mall. It is way more sophisticated than that. It is more like a drug store honestly.


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