Getting comfortable with edibles

WIth smoking or vaping cannabis, the inhalation method gets cannabinoids into the lungs and bloodstream unquestionably suddenly.

The effects of the weed are felt within minutes.

It’s pretty straight-forward to find what works. It’s taken me a while to get totally comfortable with edibles. I’ve learned that each person’s body chemistry contributes to the particular intensity of an edible experience. What might be an ideal dosage for someone else could be too much or too little for me. When eating edibles, the cannabinoids are digested and metabolized in the stomach and liver prior to feeling effects. This takes quite a bit longer than smoking or vaping and also provides greater potency, then because the effects take so long to be realized, consumers are sometimes tempted to eat more and can have a bad experience. It is necessary to beginning with a unquestionably low dose and go slow. The effects can take 45 to 60 minutes, or even longer to set in. Initially, when I first began buying edibles at the dispensary, I never consumed more than 2.5 mg of edibles. If the effects weren’t strong enough an hour later, I’d wait over an hour before eating more, however certain types of edibles are stronger than others, and gummies, baked goods and chocolates are all digested by way of the stomach and are slow to be felt, lozenges, lollipops and mint strips are absorbed sublingually and the effects can be realized much quicker, however any product with a higher percentage of THC is going to produce a much greater high. I officially purchase edibles with a balanced THC to CBD ratio.


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