Cannabis oil pens are sometimes low on cannabinoids and terpenes

I know that everyone loves convenience, but sometimes convenience isn’t always the best idea.

For instance, it might seem better to use a portable air conditioner because they’re easier to install compared to a window air conditioner, but they’re also much more inefficient at the same time. You have to recycle conditioned air from inside your home to keep the compressor inside the machine from overheating. In literally any other kind of air conditioner, the compressor is put outdoors for this exact reason. That’s where you’ll find the compressor on a window air conditioner—within the portion of the box that hangs outside the window itself. I still wonder to this day why portable air conditioners were developed in the first place, knowing full well how inefficient the idea is by design. I think there are too many products brought to market out of pure convenience only and almost no consideration whatsoever for the long term value. Cannabis oil pens are deceptively convenient because you can draw on them all day long like you’re sipping a milkshake. Dabbing cannabis concentrates is a time consuming process by comparison, and is a ritual all in itself. It discourages me from overusing my cannabis products past the point of what I can genuinely afford each week. I don’t want to go broke just because I want to feel medication on my weed products that I buy from the local cannabis dispensaries. My sister loves those cannabis oil pens, but I feel like they’re too easy to abuse. I built up a tolerance in part because the cannabis oil pens are often low in other cannabinoids and in terpenes in general. That’s why I tend to stick with full spectrum cannabis products instead.



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