Treating myself to some cannabis time

I prefer when it’s time to take a day off and do nothing but treat myself all day, this is something I do every few months, and we are all so busy that we sometimes don’t put enough value on self care. One of my favorite treats is a shop for marijuana for sale at the cannabis dispensary. I’ve had a passion for cannabis since I first discovered recreational marijuana back in my early 20’s. And it honestly was like a lightbulb going off in my head when I made the cannabis discovery. The first few times I tried recreational marijuana, I was sort of disappointed, but those instances were while in a celebration where there was plenty of drinking and what not so maybe I just didn’t get it. For me, it was an amazing day in the park. I had been out of university for less than six months. The day prior, I had just been shot down once again for a job I honestly wanted, so an acquaintance of mine picked me up and we headed for the park, some sunshine, plenty of frisbee and a bit of a picnic. She had some sativa strains with her and we snuck a few hits off a small pipe she had packed for us. It was while we were throwing that disc that I felt the first real effect of cannabis. The sun was so perfect as the frisbee hung in the air just long enough for me to run under it. And then that picnic was the best chips and sandwiches ever. What a day. These days, I try to pack that spirit into my treat days every few months. So I start my treat day off with a trip to the local cannabis spot.

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