Vodka and cannabis on the weekends

It’s the weekend, which means it’s time to get blotto! During the week I am Mr.

  • Clean, always on time, always working hard, always there to help others.

On the weekends I get to cut loose and enjoy myself, which means indulging in all the weed and alcohol I avoid during the rest of the week. My weekends are my special private time. I block out the rest of the world, forget about my stresses and worries, and focus on watching movies, playing video games, and getting wrecked. My two vices are cannabis and vodka, which I use to induce a state of transcendental peace and harmony in my spirit. If you are curious as to why I never smoke cannabis or drink liquor during the week, the answer is simple – I work at a daycare center. I cannot afford any lapses in judgment in dealing with little kids, which means no smoking cannabis at all during the week. Of course I would never smoke cannabis while at work, but I worry about doing it the night before and not being fully sober when I get to the daycare. Once Friday afternoon hits, I drive to the liquor store and then the cannabis dispensary, and begin a weekend of fun and relaxation. My favorite strains are OG Kush and Blue Dream, although lately I have been experimenting with cannabis drinks, as well. Using cannabis infused fruit juice as a mixer for my vodka makes for a real mind-eraser, and that is just what I need to have a relaxing weekend.


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