Getting a medical weed card is easy

For a long time I procrastinated getting our medical cannabis card.

I entirely didn’t like the method of going to the doctor’s office, waiting around and then paying a bunch of money for a card.

I then would need to find a cannabis dispensary near me as well… On top of this, it costs money to get a medical weed card and it has to be renewed every year. So that means all our hard labor only lasts 365 afternoons. I didn’t suppose it was worth it for the longest time. I got desperate though. I have pretty bad anxiety… My anxiety started making it taxing to drive to work, sleep at night and hold down a relationship. I knew medical cannabis would be a big help. So I did all the steps involved to become a medical cannabis patient, then now that I have done it, I am embarrassed it took me so long. The worst part of the process was the doctor’s visit. I was stuck just sitting around in the waiting room for almost an fourth, then after that, everything was smooth sailing, but getting the medical weed card was pretty simple. I filled out papers online, paid a bit of money and I got it in 2 weeks. There are plenty of medical cannabis dispensaries near me too. So I had a whole list of locations to choose from. Getting our medical weed is simple. I can order cannabis delivery or just pop in after work. I vape with cannabis oil now and it has made a big difference in our day to day.



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