The best cannabis is all natural and organic

Ever since I learned about the secret ingredients in processed food I have become paranoid. I used to be the type of person who never read the labels on food products. I just didn’t really care to read all that fine print on the back of the packaging. One day my friend Ed showed me a Youtube video about how hot dogs are made. It made me sick, and after that I never ate another hot dog. I became obsessed, but the more I learned about mass-produced food the more items I started to avoid. I also started to research more about the liquor I drank and the cannabis I smoked, to make sure it was made the right way. The easiest part of this process should have been cannabis, right? Marijuana is a plant, so how much else do I need to know? The answer was more complex than I first thought, because a lot of marijuana farmers use chemicals and pesticides on their crops, which can affect the biology of the plant. I want all-natural cannabis, with no extra chemicals added. I love the cannabis dispensary, but more often than not I buy my weed from a woman named Gloria, who runs a small cannabis farm just outside of town. Gloria uses nothing man-made on her cannabis crops. All these plants get natural sunlight, clean water, and fresh soil, which are the perfect ingredients to make the best cannabis I have ever tasted. Most dispensary weed is grown in a lab, under grow-lights, but I want the natural, organic cannabis strains and nothing else!



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