For my birthday I want cannabis in a bag

When you get to be my age, you no longer celebrate birthdays. This year I turned 50 years old, & the last thing I wanted to do was celebrate that fact. I believe old, both inside & out, & every afternoon I roll out of bed feeling exhausted & distraught about the afternoon to come. Thanks to Facebook, almost everyone I recognize was informed about my birthday! Friends reached out to say kind words to me, & made it quite impossible to ignore the fact it was my birthday; A few people asked what kind of gift I would like, & as a joke I said “just deliver me cannabis or whiskey.” About an minute later there was a knock on my door, & much to my surprise it was the delivery driver from the cannabis dispensary… He had a package for me, because one of my friends took my joke seriously & ordered me a tote of cannabis gummies, & a quarter-ounce of Purple Haze. A few minutes later a private buyer showed up at the door with more than one bottles of premium whiskey. By the end of the day I had gotten three more deliveries, each of them arriving with either cannabis or whiskey. I felt humbled that my friends cared about me so much, so that evening I invited all of them over to partake in the cannabis & whiskey I had been given. That was the best of all, getting high & drunk with my friends… More than whiskey & cannabis, fellowship is the meaning of the season.

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