Medical marijuana learning

I taught health education for several years at the middle school level, however i taught in a title 1 school in a entirely terrible area, and many of my students qualified for free supper as well as for some that would be the only meal they ate that day, but the illegal use of recreational marijuana was extremely regular in the section where I taught, because it had not been legalized in the state yet.

It was also entirely regular for students to bring marijuana to school as well as to try to sell it, but when I taught about the harmful effects of recreational marjuana in my health classes, several students disagreed with the information I was teaching. I had to take a odd approach to education about marijuana. I decided to allow students to do a project where they did research on their own. I broke students into groups as well as I gave them each a topic to research as well as then they had to teach the class about that topic. The topics were: cannabis regulations, medical marijuana dispensaries, medical cannabis benefits, medical marijuana benefits, cannabis knowledge, cannabis DNA testing, as well as medical cannabis cards. The presentations were interesting as well as students l gained that there is a big difference between recreational mairjuana use as well as medical marijuana use. Medical marijuana education is important because it shows students that there are dangers in using recreational marijuana especially if it is purchased illegally, as well as that medical marijuana use is not for everyone. When students learn all of the facts about a topic, it can help them with their decision making process in the future.

medical cannabis

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