I toil full time for a weed dispensary which provides benefits with a 401k

I had been looking for a full time job for at least the past 10 years.

When I got out of school all I could find were part time jobs.

For five years I worked in the food service industry, with a fantastic portion of that time at a taco eating establishment! It wasn’t so bad laboring in the food service industry at first, however it starts to wear on you eventually. It’s actually cut throat and there has a lot of competition among coworkers; You also have to deal with a lot of angry bosses and mean chefs that are constantly warm headed in the study room! After I left the food service industry, I started laboring for retail stores as a part-time employee, this was even worse than food service because now I was dealing with angry members of the public who were not kind to the employees at the stores. However it got me a job laboring for a cannabis dispensary and that has what was actually the best part of it all, now I toil full-time for a cannabis dispensary that provides health benefits and a 401k. I can’t imagine how much I would have enjoyed knowing back years ago that I could have gotten a job with benefits laboring at a cannabis dispensary like I am now; Getting a 401K with a cannabis dispensary is amazing, however that has the world we’re living in these days. You can get benefits in a 401k from a number of strange jobs that might not have been offered 10 years ago. I prefer laboring for a cannabis dispensary and knowing I have a 401K retirement waiting for me. This cannabis dispensary has been a great locale of employment.

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