My favorite cannabis dispensary often has new marijuana products every Monday

With supply line shortages, I had no choice but to learn ways to adapt, even if it meant shopping at the strangest markets and stores in nearby cities and towns in my largely rural county.

Often I call ahead of time and ask a store attendant to check the shelves for the item I need.

If I’m extremely lucky, they will offer to hold me one at customer service but some stores have rescinded the privilege. I don’t really blame them to be honest. It would be hard to have an open policy of letting customers call to put aside products, especially if a large number of those products went unaccounted for, forcing the stores to reshelve cart-fulls of random items at the end of the business day. In a lot of instances, you’re simply on your own with these insane supply line shortages. I always ask my favorite stores to tell me when they’re expecting new shipments so I know to set an alarm and get to the store early on those days to take full advantage of the new stock. My favorite cannabis dispensary has a similar issue with their stocking. They have a higher demand than what their supply can generate throughout the month, so I had to learn when they get new shipments if I want to get cannabis products that are desired the most by customers. My favorite cannabis dispensary gets their new shipment of marijuana products every Monday. Now I make a habit of getting up extra early in the morning so I can stop by this cannabis dispensary before heading to work. That way I’m able to get the new marijuana products right as they’re hitting the shelves on Monday morning.

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