It’s actual trip to the cannabis dispensary

Unfortunately, our state government still doesn’t get it.

Or at least there would be some acknowledgement when it comes to the need for better marijuana laws.

The last attempt to pass medical marijuana was a pretty feeble attempt with bad results. So the days of going down to the local cannabis spot are still a ways off. However, it’s ironic that our neighboring state is miles ahead of us when it comes to prudent cannabis legislation.Thankfully, it’s only about a 5 hour drive for us to get access to recreational cannabis. Our neighboring state was one of the first states to legalize medical marijuana. It didn’t take long for that to prove to be wildly successful. So it made sense to go ahead and legalize recreational marijuana as well. While we would love to know a cannabis grower nearby, that’s just not a reality. And neither my wife nor I really like to reach out to people we don’t know when it comes to purchasing cannabis products. So every few months, we pack up the car and head out for a trip where we can go shopping for marijuana for sale. It’s a big deal and we love these trips. The closest cannabis dispensary is a really nice one and has a wide selection of cannabis products. I tend to stick to the cannabis flower products and my wife loves the marijuana edibles. We make a whole weekend of those trips and enjoy sharing sativa and indica strains together for a long weekend. One of these days, will be able to go down to the local cannabis spot. But until that happens I’m glad we have an alternative just over the state line.


recreational marijuana dispensary

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