Sativa adds to home cooking

Every now and again, I will avail myself of the pleasure of some sativa strains. This is sort of a super bonus for me as my schedule doesn’t really permit me to imbibe in marijuana all that often. I spend probably too much time inside an office doing my business. Yet without that effort, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy such a nice little lifestyle. So a couple times a month, I get on over to the cannabis dispensary near me for a little bit of a taste of sativa. There’s just something about the sativa strains that I like more than most other cannabis products. With indica, I enjoy the fact that it helps me manage pain and inflammation. But with sativa, it’s more about my mind and soul and expression. One of the ways I really love to express myself is by cooking. So once I get the cannabis products I need from the local cannabis spot, I head over to the fancy food and wine store. I already know exactly what I’m going to attempt to cook that night so I like to get the finest ingredients. I’m by no means fancy but I do love to prepare a beautiful meal. And pairing the right wine with the right entree is even more fun after I’ve enjoyed some of the sativa strains I get at the cannabis dispensary. But the cooking itself is such a blast after I’ve enjoyed a little bit of this sativa as well. Putting on some good music, prepping everything just right and then pulling off a great dinner is a near perfect evening for me. I’m very thankful that I live in a place that is reasonable when it comes to marijuana laws. I’m thankful that recreational marijuana is available to me.

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