Can CBD products help with sleep apnea?

My ex-boyfriend and I are very good friends, but in fact, aside from my family, he is one of the closest people in my life.

I have known him for over 20 years, and throughout that time, my associate and I have been there for each other through some of life’s challenges, then lately, he has been suffering from sleep deprivation and after getting inspected, he was inspected with sleep apnea, however he was given a unit to help him sleep and his healthcare worker also prescribed some medication for him. He’s like me and doesn’t like to take a pill for every little thing, then plus, many of those medications have side effects; Anyway, my associate and I have been chatting about his sleeping issues and out of nowhere I commanded using CBD products. I have never used any CBD products, so I have no experience with them… But for some reason, I knew it would help my ex with his sleep! Thankfully, my associate and I live in a state where my associate and I can purchase CBD products with no issues, and well, after my associate and I chatted, he found a CBD store and after explaining to the representative the issues he was having, they proposed a few products to him. He has been using these products for various weeks now. He texted me today and said that he has been getting much better sleep since he began using CBD. The studies are not conclusive about the use of CBD for sleep apnea, however the studies have shown some positive impact as CBD leads to better sleep at night. Though the studies are inconclusive, my ex can unquestionably confirm that CBD products have worked for him.

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