I like cannabis beverages

I really like that the edible world has expanded into drinks.

Typically when you think of an edible that means a baked good.

I don’t want those empty calories. A pot brownie, space cake or other sugary food doesn’t appeal to me. I try to watch what I eat. Hard candies, gums and mints are no better. A cannabis beverage doesn’t pack as much sugar or fat in it. You also can get them quite reasonably. Finding a four pack of cannabis beverage is easy and cost efficient no matter the time of year. A lot of cannabis dispensaries offer a variety of flavors. I can choose from grapes, strawberries, watermelons, lemons or lime. There are even chocolate and vanilla based drinks if that is up your alley. I like that the drinks are cheap, readily available and don’t scream cannabis. I am a medical marijuana patient. I am allowed to take cannabis on the job as long as I don’t operate a vehicle. I don’t want to advertise that I am high however. With a drink people don’t suspect it. I have a mini fridge under my desk that I grab one when I start my day and then for lunch. The drinks are tasty and pack a punch. I am calm, cool and focused during my work day. It really has saved me quite a bit of stress now that I rely on medical weed. The drinks aren’t for everyone though. It gets you high quickly and is quite intense. It also isn’t exactly fun just drinking cannabis.

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