Appreciating CBD bath bombs

Whenever I have some extra time, I appreciate soaking in a hot bath.

It provides muscle relaxation, pain relief and a nice escape from stress.

A bath is a peaceful environment where I can listen to songs, read a book and mellow out. I’ve found that cannabis-infused bath bombs are a great addition. The non-intoxicating CBD helps to alleviate pain and inflammation in my joints and muscles. It also helps my mind and body to unwind. The dispensary sells bath bombs in a lot of different varieties. There are recognizable products designed to promote rest and better sleep, while others revitalize the skin. Others make me feel more energized, refreshed and motivated. One of the main reasons I appreciate bath bombs is the added benefit of aromatherapy. The dispensary carries bath bombs infused with citrus, lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and even Tim Hortons Cappuccino scents. I like that I get the rewards of CBD separate from needing any complex process, extra gear or worries over dosage. I simply drop the bath bomb into the tub and appreciate the therapeutic scent and swirl of colors in the water. Each one is tailor made with the appropriate amount of CBD infused. Because the hot water opens the pores of the skin, the cannabinoids and essential oils of the bath bomb provide quicker and more thorough effects. I stretch and transport in the water to encourage the healing process. I make sure to breathe deep because the overheated water opens pathways that provide more oxygen to the brain. After soaking in hot water infused by a CBD bath bomb, I always feel just elegant.


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