I was anxious over visiting the dispensary.

She said medical marijuana helped her to get walking again.

Just the fact that I was going to a marijuana dispensary had my nerves on end. That I had a medical marijuana card and was visiting a marijuana dispensary for myself had me prepared for a full-blown panic attack. I was beginning to hyperventilate by the time I got inside. I handed the receptionist my medical marijuana card, and I had to wait a couple of minutes before going inside. Once someone came out, I could go inside. I smelled the marijuana when I was just inside the door, but it overwhelmed me when I got inside. I was hoping it wouldn’t be as strong, but I was wrong. I wasn’t sure I wanted to enter the marijuana dispensary, and I was ready to walk out when someone grabbed my arm. I pulled away until I turned and realized it was my sister. We had never talked about medical marijuana, and didn’t know she was using it for her anxieties. She said it wasn’t just for anxieties, and spread her arms out. I realized she wasn’t using a cane. She said medical marijuana helped her to get walking again. My anxieties lessened as she told me what products she was using and what she liked most. I bought several marijuana products based on her suggestions, and was surprised at how well it worked for my own anxieties. If I hadn’t met my sister at the medical marijuana dispensary that day, I probably would have turned and walked away. I was glad I went through those doors, even though my body was telling not to enter.



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