Cannabis concentrates come in lots of different flavors and strains

Cannabis concentrates are becoming more and more popular.

They are easily some of the most potent and strong marijuana products available. They can also be fun to consume by vaping or dabbing. Cannabis concentrates are extracted from the cannabis sativa plant using extreme heat or pressure, and sometimes chemicals. There is a pretty huge difference in price between the solventless and solvent-based concentrates. Live concentrate products are made from the cannabis sativa plant as soon as they are harvested. My friends and I have a dab rig for all of our cannabis concentrates. A dab rig is a type of water bong that is made for concentrates instead of flower. There is a place to put the dab of marijuana concentrate. That place has to be heated up to a pretty hot temperature. I use a heavy duty torch to heat up the glass and then I add the dab of marijuana. It turns into a vapor that can be inhaled and it is a really long lasting and intense high. I have a lot of different cannabis concentrates that I prefer like blue dream, OG kush, Granddaddy purp, and white widow. Og kush live resin is super hard to find around here. When I see the live resin product, I buy two grams at a time. I do the same with live resin blue dream, my favorite sativa. Everyone has their favorites and we can each dab and vape exactly what we want and still use the same exact rig for everyone. A dab party with lots of different types of concentrate can be just as much fun as a night of drinking.

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