Reconnecting with an old flame

I met Ginny when we were both in college.

At the time we were nothing more than friends, because neither one of us were looking for anything serious.

College is a time to learn about life. Classes and grades are important, but this is a period in a young person’s life to experiment, and find out what you want out of life. For this reason, Ginny and I never dated, even though we did hook up a few times. Those days were all about parties, smoking cannabis and drinking beer and hooking up with random people. Currently, my life is a lot different. I still smoke cannabis and drink beer, but I do it with moderation. When I reconnected with Ginny, we started a passionate love affair, and I think she may be The One. I ran into Ginny at the local cannabis dispensary, because even after all these years she still likes to party as much as I do. The next night Ginny and I met to have dinner at the local cannabis cafe. If you have never been to a cannabis cafe before, I highly recommend it! For three hours Ginny and I talked and reconnected, all the while eating amazing dishes infused with cannabis and CBD. By the end of the night we were very chummy, and took an Uber home together. That was a few weeks ago, and since then Ginny and I have been getting very close, as well as smoking a lot of cannabis together. I’m not sure if Ginny and I will be together forever, but we sure are having fun.

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