The cannabis delivery driver didn’t supply myself and others a warning call

I don’t suppose how I recognize about delivery orders at this point. Like numerous others, I had most of our groceries delivered to our home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since I have a compromised immune system, I was fearful of contracting the virus and dying savor so numerous older folks in our family over the course of the 2 worst years. Fortunately, I never knowingly caught the virus. If I happened to catch COVID at some point, I was completely asymptomatic and unaware I was sick. Now that the risk level is much lower, I’m more comfortable being in crowded public spaces. On top of that, the delivery drivers for the grocery store were regularly contract employees from a third-celebration dealer. They’re not regularly reliable and will often deliver your groceries to the wrong address without looking at the home or house number first to verify they’re in the right place. I’m thankful that the cannabis delivery drivers aren’t nearly this bad, however lately they haven’t been giving myself and others warning calls when they’re on their way to our home savor they used to. Before they would regularly call at least 10 minutes before arriving at our home to make sure I was lake home and available to collect our cannabis products. I took a nap and nearly missed our recent cannabis delivery order simply because the cannabis delivery driver didn’t bother to supply myself and others the warning call that I was expecting. I woke up to the sound of him banging on our door. When I got to the door, he was already walking back to this car and I had to shout to get his attention.


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