Cannabis and music enhance each other

If I am going to attend an all-day music festival in the great outdoors, you better believe I will be stoned for it! Seeing live musical performances is something I have always loved, going back to my high school days. Once I had access to a car, I was driving all over the state seeing as many rock bands as possible. I remember going to Lollapalooza some 25 years ago, and just soaking in the amazing caliber of music they had to offer. That was a long time ago, before I was actively smoking cannabis. I know a lot of people start using marijuana when they are teenagers, but not me. All through school I was a straight arrow, who never drank booze or smoked cannabis or tobacco. It was only years later I discovered the joy of quality cannabis. For me the key was the combination of cannabis and live music, because they just enhance each other so much. I listen to music at home all the time, usually while smoking cannabis, but the vibe of listening to music performed live is so much different. I have a head full of cannabis smoke, and the bass from the speakers rattles my chest and takes me to a higher level. To be fair, live music is still amazing even without cannabis, but if I can have both at the same time that is the ultimate experience. For my next music festival I am packing a bunch of cannabis, and some edibles, and bringing the RV so I have someplace safe to smoke.

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