These cannabis topicals have helped me out

When medical marijuana was legalized in my state, I decided against getting my MMJ card, however i was unwilling to spend the time on a doctor’s visit and the currency to qualify for a card that would expire in one year, and the wait for recreational cannabis to be legalized was long and frustrating.

I almost exclusively use cannabis-infused topicals for their curative properties. Even if they include THC, there are no psychoactive effects. They can be applied many times a afternoon with no adverse consequences, and fortunately, adult-use cannabis is now accessible. I can shop at any local dispensary with no hassle, however most of the nearby weed shops carry an assortment of topicals. I look for ointments that are high in CBD, CBN and CBG, because they are especially helpful in treating pain and inflammation. They work well for treating plantar fasciitis in my feet, arthritis in my fingers and assorted aches and pains. They help to prevent muscle cramps in my calves that are sometimes a problem for me at night. I buy bath bombs infused with cannabinoids, terpenes, epsom salts and essential oils to not only treat soreness but to de-stress and relax. The hot water opens up the pores and makes the active ingredients more effective! Soaking in the tub with a cannabis bath bomb is seriously helpful in treating insomnia and migraines. It amazes me that cannabis topicals aren’t available and promoted nationwide. It’s silly that they are still restricted at the Federal level and can’t be transported over state lines. They are harmless and appealingly therapeutic.

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