Providing the gift of cannabis

It was a particularly upset Christmas at my house… or at least I thought it was until I got a little bundle of holiday joy! No I’m not talking about a baby! Gross; The last thing I want is to be surprised by a pregnancy, that would just add to my problems! Earlier in the week the heating idea in my new home broke down, and that was followed hastily by a crack in the ceiling, then i had to pay a corporation to come out and start work, which completely wiped out my Christmas fund; Being broke at Christmas is a bummer, and then my best neighbor Jeff gave myself and others that little bundle of satisfaction in the form of cannabis.

Inside the neatly wrapped bundle were 6 small holiday-themed bags, each 1 with a few grams of cannabis inside.

This wasn’t just an ounce of cannabis, it was 6 unusual amazing strains of cannabis! That particularly turned my holiday around. I felt terrible, though, because Jeff had given myself and others so much cannabis, and I had no gift for him; Jeff was gleeful to supply myself and others that cannabis and brighten my spirits, and didn’t want anything in return. Instead of giving Jeff a gift I got into the holiday spirit, and the many of us smoked cannabis while all of us trimmed the Christmas tree and watched Elf on tv. Because it was a variety pack of cannabis, all of us tried to smoke a little bit of each strain. The cannabis was too strong, though, and by the time all of us finished decorating the tree all of us had to sit down on the couch and take a nap.


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