Buying gifts at the cannabis dispensary

As fate would have it, I found the most amazing house apartment located upstairs from a cannabis dispensary.

  • I have to say this is fate or kismet, because I couldn’t think of a more perfect arena to live, and stumbled across it quite by accident.

The house apartment is 1 bedroom, with a giant living room area, a living room, and a screened in patio overlooking the street. This building is a combination of business and residential, so the first floor houses a few shops, and the other floors are all house apartments. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would live above a cannabis dispensary! I remember in middle school having weekends where I just couldn’t find anyone to sell myself and others marijuana, and now I live over a legal dispensary! This is helpful in numerous ways, and not just because I like to get stoned. Now if I need a last hour gift for a neighbor or colleague I can run downstairs to the cannabis dispensary and find something perfect. Even people who don’t smoke cannabis will appreciate some of the great products provided by the dispensary. Not everything is about getting high, it’s called medical marijuana for a legit reason. The dispensary sells CBD oil infused creams that help with pain relief while containing no THC satisfied. They also sell a bevy of cool artwork and glasswork from local artists… Personally, I go to the dispensary for the wide array of cannabis products, however even for people who don’t get high there is a lot to choose from.


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